BCNDP leader Adrian Dix is demanding the B.C. government release all documents pertaining to a decade-long court battle with the B.C. Teachers' Federation.

In an open letter to the government, Dix claimed last week's B.C. Supreme Court ruling — to fine the government $2 million for enacting legislation that interfered with teachers' bargaining rights — reveals the government's pre-election plan to provoke a strike.

"We are calling on you to release these cabinet documents, which Justice Susan Griffin called 'highly relevant,' to the public as the first step in an apology to British Columbians for deliberately disrupting B.C.'s schools, children and their families' lives for purely political purposes," he said.

'There was a conspiracy at the highest level of government to provoke a strike in our schools,' - NDP Leader Adrian Dix

"It is time for your government to be honest."

Dix said he believes the court ruling also proves the government had a strategy detailing the advantages of a strike.

"You told the public that the aim of this unconstitutional legislation was to keep teachers in class, yet B.C. Supreme Court Justice Susan Griffin says the exact opposite.


"Her ruling details a conspiracy at the highest level of your government to provoke a strike in our schools, throwing children and their families into chaos for political gain," he said.

Education Minister Peter Fassbender said the government is still reviewing Griffin's 150-page decision and will need a few more days to deliver its response.

Fassbender said the government is committed to negotiating a long-term agreement with the BCTF in the interest of stability for students.

with files from the CBC's Bal Brach and Stephen Smart