It's a day tenants of the Murray Hotel in downtown Vancouver were waiting for: the deadline to have non-working toilets, showers and fire escapes fixed and hot water restored.

After a Dec. 2, 2015 inspection, the City of Vancouver gave the owners of the building, Kenstone Properties until Jan. 10, 2016 to fix the problems, which it has tasked day-to-day building operator Atira Property Management to do.

"You know I've only seen maybe a few workers from Atira come in and it was just painters, walls being painted over, toilets being replaced," said resident Wade Shapley.

Carrie Carpenter Murray Hotel resident

Murray Hotel resident Carrie Carpenter says she is not confident Atira Property Management or the building's owner Kenstone Properties will make the all the repairs mandated by the city. (CBC)

His fellow resident Carrie Carpenter says they and others at the Murray have asked for repairs to be made for several years.

"[The conditions are] very detrimental to my health," she said. "We've all complained."

On Sunday CBC News visited the building and found that there was still no hot water.

"I had to boil water with my kettle and put some in a bowl to do my face," said Carpenter. "And to wash my hair, I'm putting in a jug of water half-cold and half-kettle water."

A spokesperson from Atira told CBC it plans to have all the problems fixed by Monday, Jan.11. That's when city staff will return to do a full inspection.

With files from the CBC's Kamil Karamali