Charges of first-degree murder have been laid in B.C., almost three years after a brawl at a maximum security prison east of Vancouver where one man was killed and two others were injured.

RCMP homicide detectives confirm four men, three of whom are still in custody, have been charged with the Nov. 13, 2008 stabbing that killed 27-year-old Andrew Craig at Kent prison, near Agassiz.

Cpl. Dale Carr says officers used closed circuit video of the incident and conducted an extensive background investigation before murder charges were approved.

Twenty-six-year-old Terence Bolton, 31-year-old Franjo Perovic, 33-year-old Scott Sanderson and 29-year-old Nicholas St. Hilaire have all been charged with the slaying.

St. Hilaire was recently released from prison after serving a five-year term for manslaughter and conspiracy to commit murder, but police say he was picked up without incident on May 18.

The other three men are still in custody serving time for offences ranging from aggravated assault to manslaughter and first-degree murder.