Boston Flats after

Satellite photos show the damage in the Boston Flats area. (Planet Lab)

Thousands have been ordered out of their homes due to wildfires raging in B.C. since Friday. More than 45,000 hectares have burned.

Move the slider back and forth to see the satellite images taken on July 12 and earlier in June showing the devastation left behind. 

The village of Ashcroft, surrounded by the sweeping hillsides of the desert, sits right next to farmland and grazing areas. Now, those same vistas are dominated by charcoal and ash. On Friday, fuelled by strong winds, a wildfire tore up the hills within hours, expanding from 40 to 4,000 hectares. The fire burned down several buildings and most of the homes on the Ashcroft First Nation.

From Ashcroft, the fire moved north. It crossed the highway and burned its way down the valley to the Boston Flats trailer park. Not much remains of the community, once home to more than 55 people.

The fire then spread farther north towards Cache Creek, destroying 30 homes and two airport hangars.

Gusting winds and billowing smoke have made it challenging to determine exactly what is happening in other communities. These satellite images of 100 Mile House show just how little visibility there is.

All images from Planet Labs.