2015 year in photos Syrians arrive in Toronto Dec 11

Canada has made a commitment to settle 25,000 Syrian refugees. (Mark Blinch/Reuters)

Right now the focus is on refugees from Syria, but Canada accepts refugees from many different countries. Here's a snapshot of refugees to B.C. over the last five years and their countries of citizenship.

Between 2010 and March 2015, the highest number of refugees to B.C. came from Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan.

According to figures released by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, approximately 2,275 refugees from Iraq were admitted to B.C. in that time period. 

These federal government numbers include government-assisted refugees, privately-sponsored refugees, blended visa-office referred refugees, refugees landed in Canada and refugee dependants.

Scroll and hover on the map to see which country refugees to B.C. came from. The darker the shade of red, the more refugees came from that country. 

CBC could not map the approximately 130 refugees listed as stateless or who did not provide a country of citizenship. 

The complete numbers provided by CIC are listed in the searchable table (below).

Notes on the map and table:

  • Due to privacy considerations, the figures in this table have been subjected to random rounding.
  • Under this method, all figures in the table are randomly rounded either up or down to multiples of five. 
  • All values between zero and five are shown as blank. As a result of random rounding, data may not sum up to the totals indicated.
  • Data for 2015 are preliminary estimates and are subject to change. 

With files from Catherine Rolfsen