The warm, dry winter has shuttered another ski area, at least temporarily. Mt. Baker ski area in Washington State announced it is closed until more snow comes.

"A good part of this year we've shovelled snow, hauled snow, mined snow, pushed snow and groomed snow all over the mountain to the best of our ability," said president Duncan Howat in a video message to customers.

"We're going to suspend operations temporarily, until we get some more snow."

Howat said the ski area needed six to 12 inches more to reopen, and was hoping that could happen by next weekend.

"It's been a serious hardship on our crew, financially, on the local businesses up and down the Mt. Baker highway, and on the company itself," said Howat.

Operations manager Gwyn Howat said no decision would be made for passholders until the end of the season, as they may extend operations if conditions allow.

"This winter has not gotten the best of us yet."