B.C. is short about a half-billion dollars due to overdue Medical Service Plan payments, according to the Canadian Taxpayer's Federation.

The watchdog group claims that 850,000 bills are at least a month overdue — the majority are over 90 days overdue.

Jordan Bateman, B.C.'s director for the Canadian Taxpayers Federation blames rising MSP rates.

"The BC Liberals have doubled the rates since they came into office ... people are just falling further and further behind," said Bateman.

Finance Minister Mike De Jong admits changes are needed around collections and relief for single parents.

Premiums are scaled down for people who make less than $30,000 a year, but under the current system wage earners in the range between $30,001 and $3 million pay the same.

The CTF and thousands of petitioners are calling on B.C. to more fairly scale premiums based on income, but so far the government has shown little interest.


The Canadian Taxpayer's Federation says most people behind on their MSP payments are 90 days behind.