A Saskatchewan family looking for a fresh start in B.C. is pleading for help, after a truck with all of their possessions was stolen on Tuesday night when they made a stop in Surrey.

"You pack, you prepare, you try and protect everything for the move. And in one instant, it's all gone," said Michael Suiker. "We're talking priceless items that you can never replace."

Michael and Meghan Suiker

Suiker and his daughter, Meghan, are moving to Victoria from Saskatoon in search of a better life. (CBC)

Suiker and his daughter, Meghan, are in the midst of a move to Victoria from Saskatoon.

"The point of the move here was, in my opinion, to make our lives a little more enjoyable and a little bit better," said Meghan. 

They were on the last leg of their journey when they stayed at a relative's place in South Surrey for the night. When they woke up, the U-Haul truck and its attached trailer containing an ATV were gone. 

The truck was loaded with their furniture, household items, and precious family mementos.

The pair have reported the stolen truck to police, who checked surveillance cameras in the area, but officers told them there aren't any major leads in the case.

Suiker and his daughter are now asking the public to keep an eye out for the U-Haul truck, which has an Arizona license plate, AD56641.

They've also posted pleas on social media, one of which has already been shared more than a thousand times.

Moving truck stolen Surrey

Have you seen this moving truck? It was stolen in Surrey and belongs to a family from Saskatchewan. (Michael Suiker)

With files from Kamil Karamali