Why try online dating when there's speed dating … or skied dating, which is speed dating on a chair lift.

On the eve of Valentine's Day singles visiting Red Mountain Resort in Rossland didn't have to pass their time on the chair lift dreaming of what they could do to find a date for Feb. 14 next year.

skied dating

Instead they wore coloured hearts and were paired up with other singles when riding the double chair to the top of the slopes.

"If you just aren't hitting it off and it gets awkward, you can talk about the snow or the skiing or something like that," laughed Skied Dating organizer Tara Kowalchuk, speaking before the event Saturday.

"You already have something in common."

Kowalchuk, who thought the event was a great way to meet people, said that if people hit it off on the lift they could sign up afterwards for an actual date not involving goggles and poles.

"Maybe you'll meet a ski buddy for life and won't have to ride in the single's line any more," she said.

Kamloops speed dating

Meanwhile in Kamloops, a new resident has brought a new speed dating event to that city.

Carmen Love

Carmen Love is the founder of new Kamloops speed dating company Love at First Sit. (Samantha Garvey/CBC)

Carmen Love, who moved from Vancouver last year, has started Love at First Sit, a speed dating company.

Love said having people meet face-to-face is very different than communicating online with "a little bit of text."

"You can be a keyboard ninja all you want and text back and forth and then what? It either fizzled out or you've created expectations," Love said.

"Even in an event like this you can still meet several people but you have that initial organic experience with them where really you can tell right off the bat: 'Are you attracted to this person? Can they hold a conversation?'"

Love's first event was held on Feb. 11 at the Commodore Grand Cafe & Lounge, and she said she is planning more events in the future, including events specifically for those 40 to 65-years-old, but also gay men and women.

When asked if long-term relationships could come out of a speed dating encounter, Love said emphatically: "Yes, yes, yes."

"If you're getting a vibe from somebody at an event like this where you know we're both here for love … that, I find, creates some amazing spark."

To hear the full interview with Carmen Love listen to the audio labelled: New speed dating events in Kamloops aim to create love where online dating has not

With files from Bob Keating, Samantha Garvey