A proposed 19-storey development in Vancouver's Mount Pleasant neighbourhood is garnering opposition from some local residents.

City council is scheduled to hold a public hearing Monday for Rize, a proposed condo development that will also feature retail space. About 100 people have already signed up to speak to the issue, meaning the hearing may have to be spread over several days.

According to the developer, the building will provide badly needed housing and higher density along a busy transit corridor.

"Anybody who reads the community plan and understands it well comes to the conclusion this is a good fit for the neighbourhood," said Christopher Vollan is with Rize Alliance Properties.

But some residents disagree.

Sandeep Johal with the Residents Association of Mount Pleasant says big developments like the Rize could destroy the historic character of the neighbourhood.

"Rents are increasing, taxes are increasing, businesses are starting to worry because rents have been increasing," she said. "If they get displaced, we're losing that part of our community, the unique part of our community."

The public hearing on the development is scheduled to start at 7:30 p.m. PT Monday.