A video on the online edition of Britain's Telegraph newspaper shows​ amazing footage of a mother black bear pulling her young cub from a B.C. highway to safety.

The video featured in the Telegraph's Weird News Video section has since been posted on YouTube and is generating online buzz.

The Telegraph's article says tornado hunter Ricky Forbes was driving through Kootenay National Park when he spotted a black bear cub sitting dangerously close to the highway.

According to the Telegraph, Forbes stopped to film the cub, when suddenly the mother popped up from behind the concrete barrier at the side of the road and hauled the cub to safety.

In the video, the mother bear looks both ways at the traffic before gently lifting the cub with her jaws, all while a second cub watches from the top of the barrier before the bears disappear into the forest.

"It was a very amazing sight to see," the Telegraph quotes Forbes as saying.

MAP: Kootenay National Park