Victoria police confirm a file looking into the Facebook threat has been opened. (Associated Press/Canadian Press)

The president of the B.C. Muslim Association says a Facebook post indicating a new Victoria mosque should be blown up with a rocket launcher is "very concerning."

Victoria police are investigating after someone using the name Dan Speed posted on the "I Love Downtown Victoria" Facebook page that the new Masjid Allman Mosque on Quadra Street should be blasted with a high-powered rifle.

Musa Ismail, president of the B.C. Muslim Association, called the comments "very concerning and troublesome."

"[Speed] needs to really understand the true Islam," Ismail said.

"I know there are so many misinterpretations and misunderstandings about Islam and I, we ourselves we suffer from it and it is too bad … My request to this brother is simply: please come and learn the true teachings of Islam."

Ismail says the Muslim community has been present in Victoria for 50 years without incident.

"Hopefully the brother, the person learns a little bit more," he said. "When you really look at the religion of Islam, it stands for peace."

Ismail hopes the new mosque will help build bridges within the larger community.

"Believe me, when we build this mosque part of the plan is very, very clearly stated that we will have many, many open house — not to preach to anybody but to let people know and learn about Islam."

Ismail says he has faith in the police investigation.

"To ensure that no harm comes to innocent citizens out of somebody's personal grudge or vendetta or whatever it may be," he said.