More Diamond Parking complaints surface

CBC News Vancouver received several more complaints from drivers after an investigation last month featured motorists who say Diamond Parking is issuing unwarranted tickets.

Company says tickets will now include photo of licence plate

More B.C. drivers got tickets from Diamond Parking they say they shouldn't have to pay 2:35

CBC News Vancouver received several more complaints from drivers after an investigation last month featured motorists who say Diamond Parking is issuing unwarranted tickets.

Victoria motorist Jay Jarman says he’s been hit with an unwarranted ticket too — an $89-parking ticket issued in Kelowna when he says his B.C.-registered Volvo didn’t leave Vancouver Island.

"I informed them that … I don't have a pickup, nor do I have Alberta tags, nor I was never in Kelowna," Jarman told CBC News Vancouver.

He says Diamond Parking submitted a seven-digit licence plate number to ICBC even though B.C. plates only have six digits — and ICBC in turn gave Jarman’s information to the parking company.

"I find it unacceptable that ICBC would just willy-nilly give them information without fact-checking," he said.

Diamond Parking now says all future tickets will include a photo of the licence plate to catch errors quickly.

"It would be disingenuous of me to suggest we are not aware that there has been some license plate inputting errors from our field operations team," Diamond Parking spokesperson Mike Poirer said in an email to CBC News.

"I am comfortable in suggesting that when we identify the errors we address them immediately. Our dispute resolution process provides folks with an opportunity to contact us easily to remedy these types of errors."

Human error

Jarman complained and his parking ticket has since been cancelled — but he says that’s not good enough, and wants to know why ICBC gave his information to Diamond Parking without verifying it was the correct vehicle.

Jay Jarman wants ICBC to check that licence plate numbers and vehicles match before passing information along to parking companies. (CBC)

"Their due diligence, it seems to me, is not being done on either side — whether it's the parking company, in this case Diamond [Parking], or  ICBC relinquishing the information."

ICBC charges parking companies $6 to run a licence plate.

Spokesperson Adam Grossman says the insurer is taking the complaints seriously and took action after the CBC Go Public investigation, which told the stories of several drivers who say they were handed bogus parking tickets by Diamond Parking.

"We certainly did have an in-person meeting with Diamond Parking and made them aware we weren't happy about that situation," he said.

"We remain confident about their processes here. They gave us a lot of confidence that it doesn't happen often."

Grossman said errors can crop up if Diamond Parking submits the wrong plate for the wrong car.

"[It’s] largely down to human errors in entering plates into the system and hearing of another case is concerning again and we’re certainly going to be having another conversation with them about that."

The Better Business Bureau has received 144 complaints about Diamond Parking in the past three years and rates the company with a D–minus.