Former RCMP officer Benjamin (Monty) Robinson will have to wait until next month to find out his sentence after he was convicted of perjury over his testimony in the inquiry into Robert Dziekanski's death, court heard Tuesday.

Special prosecutor Richard Peck called on B.C. Supreme Court Justice Nathan Smith to sentence the former Mountie to up to three years in prison. But Robinson's lawyer David Crossin told the court a conditional sentence was more appropriate.

Robinson's sentence was put over until Friday, July 24th.

Crossin, in calling for no prison time, pointed out that the graphic video of Dziekanski's death has been akin to "essentially a public flogging" for Robinson every time it is played.

Peck countered that Robinson needs to serve prison time because his convictions for perjury and obstruction of justice are made worse by his role as police officer sworn to uphold the law.

Robinson was convicted in a fatal crash in 2012 for obstructing justice, admitting to leaving the scene before police arrived and drinking vodka.

The Crown says a prison term is needed to "satisfy denunciation and deterrence." 

Crossin asked the judge to consider a conditional sentence, saying the former officer was almost completely debilitated by alcohol and stress after the Polish immigrant's death.

Robinson was one of four officers involved in fatal Taser incident at Vancouver airport in 2007. Two others were acquitted of perjury. The third was also convicted and will be sentenced later in June.

Robinson was convicted of perjury in March 2015.  Const. Bill Bentley was acquitted earlier in June. Const. Gerry Rundel was also acquitted of perjury, and Const. Kwesi Millington was found guilty and will be sentenced later this month.

While all four officers faced the same charges. Robinson's case had the most notoriety, as he was the senior officer at the 2007 scene and he was later convicted of obstruction of justice in the motor vehicle accident that left a motorcyclist dead. 

With files from Terry Donnelly