Molson Coors faces criticism for ad showing skiers going out of bounds

The B.C. Search and Rescue Association is criticizing Molson Coors ad campaign that shows skiers having fun as they go out of bounds.

The company says it has removed the ad from YouTube and television

A Coors Light ad shows skiers going out of bounds.

The B.C. Search and Rescue Association is criticizing a Coors Light ad campaign that shows skiers having fun as they go out of bounds. 

The ad, which recently aired on television and was also posted on YouTube, was part of a campaign called #BraveTheCold. It shows three skiers heading down a trail while a narrator asks, "will you brave going out of bounds?"

Watch the Coors Light ad that aired on CBC television on Monday.

Search and Rescue teams are criticizing a Molson Coors ad that shows skiers going out of bounds. 0:34

On Tuesday, BCSARA said the advertisement's messaging raised a high level of concern.

"Brave The Cold focuses on the thrill of adventure ... and includes 'going out of bounds' as a 'good decision,' which is a complete contradiction of BCSARA's safety message," BCSARA said in a statement. 

The association said the depiction of disobeying safety signage, ducking the ropes to go out of bounds and not wearing appropriate safety gear was neither recommended nor encouraged.

Coors Light, a subsidiary of Molson Coors, also faced some criticism on social media for its ad campaign. 


Coors has since set the advertisement to private on its YouTube channel

Jennifer Kerr, the beer company's director of corporate affairs, said it's reevaluating the advertisement and has immediately removed it. 

"Our Brave The Cold campaign was meant to highlight the fact that any moment can be an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and find adventure," she said in an email.

"We have the utmost respect for the thousands of search and rescue professionals across Canada who risk their lives daily and would never want to make light of a situation that has negatively impacted someone, or their friends and families."

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