The former owner of a two-year-old shepherd-cross dog, found emaciated and near death near Port Hardy last November, has received a three month conditional jail sentence and a 10 year prohibition on owning animals.

Under the terms of the conditional sentence, Rupert Wilson must perform one year's probation and 100 hours of community service or risk being sent to jaiol for three months.  He has also been banned from owning animals for 10 years.

Molly emaciated

Molly was found extremely emaciated near Port Hardy on Vancouver Island last November (B.C. SPCA )

RCMP in Port Hardy discovered 18-month-old Molly tied up outside Wilson's porch on Nov. 25. Police were notified by a caller who noticed the extremely emaciated dog lying on the porch in freezing temperatures.

“Molly was in critical condition, non-responsive and shivering, with a collar deeply embedded in her neck,” said Lorie Chortyk Thursday, in a statement on the B.C. SPCA’s website.

She was rushed to a nearby veterinary hospital for life-saving medical treatment, before being transported to an SPCA foster home in Nanaimo.

Molly recovering

Molly spent months recovering at this SPCA foster home in Nanaimo before she was finally adopted. (B.C. SPCA)

Molly received months of life-saving medical treatment and was adopted in April.

Chortyk says it's hard to understand how anyone could allow a dog to slowly, and excruciatingly, starve to death.

“It is truly a miracle that Molly survived and we are very pleased that she is now healthy and happy in her new, loving home," she said.