A three-year-old boy from Mission, B.C., is being treated in hospital after falling into a frozen pond Monday morning.

Mission RCMP say the boy was playing outside around 11 a.m. PT, when he followed the family dog onto a pond in the backyard.

Both the boy and his dog fell through the ice, plunging into the freezing water.

Mission Fire and Rescue Chief Larry Watkinson says the boy had been underwater for five minutes before his mother managed to pull him out, get him inside and start CPR. By the time emergency crews arrived, the boy was unresponsive.

"They were treating him for hypothermia — he was in and out of consciousness, obviously, with the circumstances he's been through," says Watkinson. "But paramedics did an incredible job and really did bring him back from a bad situation."

The chief says the boy had strong vitals before he was airlifted to B.C. Children's Hospital, where he remains.

A hospital spokesperson said the parents had not given them consent to discuss the boy's condition with the media, but that the situation remained "fluid."

The family dog did not survive the incident.  

With files from Meera Bains