The Canadian Coast Guard says it responded to two men in distress in the water near the Kitsilano dog beach in Vancouver.

Officials said a passerby was walking along the beach when they heard a cry for help at about 8:09 p.m. PT. They called police and first responders from the Canadian Coast Guard, the Auxiliary Coast Guard, and the police were immediately dispatched. 

Hadden Park

Officials are looking for a missing person in the water near the Kitsilano dog beach. (Google Maps)

One man managed to swim to shore, said the coast guard, and emergency crews searched for a person in the water. 

The missing person was soon picked up by the auxiliary vessel, and both victims were taken to hospital by ambulance. 

One of the patients is in serious condition, according to B.C. Ambulance. The other is stable. 

It's not clear how the two men got in the water.