The son of a missing Penticton couple has identified his parents in surveillance video from a service station camera near Baker City, Ore.

Albert Chretien, 59, and his wife, Rita Chretien, 56 have been missing since leaving Canada two weeks ago to go to a convention in Las Vegas.

The last known sighting of them had been at 7 a.m. on March 19 at the Oroville border crossing into Washington State.

On Saturday, their son, Raymond Chretien, reviewed surveillance footage obtained by police. He confirmed it was them in the video.

The video came from a gas station where the couple's credit card was last used at around 2 p.m. on March 19. 

Chretien said that in the video, his parents are shown buying snacks at the service station, and that they appear to be fine.

"They did a bit of shopping in the store, took their time and walked out," Chretien said.

"They were probably in the store approximately 7-10 minutes, in that range, and they were in good health and everything looked fine."

In the surveillance video from the gas station, Albert Chretien appears to be wearing a black cap with the words RITAL in bold white lettering.

Chretien said the family is wondering if the couple had an accident, and he said they have hired a small plane to do an aerial search along the couple's most probable route.

"We did hire a Cessna to go out and do a bit of a search of one of the mountain passes that go off the highway," he said.

"Unfortunately, they didn't come back with anything but hopefully there will be some further searches, including aerial."

He says the sighting brings the hope that perhaps the couple had an accident and can still be found.


The Chretiens were driving a van similar to this golden brown Chevy Astro, with a black windshield deflector. (RCMP)

The Chretiens were travelling in their light brown 2000 Chevy Astro van, which had a black windshield deflector. The vehicle has a B.C. licence plate, 212 CAV.

The couple were due back by Wednesday at the latest. The family reported the couple missing on Thursday.

With files from the CBC's Mike Clarke in Vancouver