Missing Pemberton paraglider found dead

The search for the missing paraglider from Pemberton B.C. has come to a tragic end. The 44-year-old man was found dead earlier this morning by military search and rescue aircraft.

Man paragliding with friends gets separated due to strong winds

Paragliding is a recreational and competitive sport where the pilot sits in a harness attached to a fabric wing.

The search for a missing paraglider from Pemberton B.C., has come to a tragic end. Adam Judd Feldman was found dead Thursday morning by a military search and rescue aircraft.

Whistler-Pemberton Cpl. Diane Blain said his body was found near Owl Peak, an area close to where the group of paragliders left.

"He was one of the last ones to leave and somehow got separated from the group," said Blain. "There were quite high winds at the time so the rest of the group did not see where he went or where he landed."

Corinne Orava, a member of the tight-knit paragliding community, says they couldn't see where he had gone.

"I don't know if he fell off the sky, if he just decided to go into the trees, in the air...nobody knows."

Paraglider reported missing Wednesday

Search and rescue crews had been looking for the missing paraglider since Wednesday afternoon, when he was reported missing.

"They did know that he had a pack and supplies for one overnight stay, and he had his cellphone with him. They did attempt to locate him but were not able to locate him or reach him," Blain said.

Peter Chrzanowski, a friend of Feldman, described him as an experienced pilot.

"He was a very happy person that really fell in love with the sport and lived it."

Chrzanowski, a paraglider himself, said they are aware that the sport has its dangers.

"Paragliding is a dangerous sport, we all know it. I think that is what holds us together because we all know the dangers."

The coroner is investigating the cause of death.

With files from the CBC's Jason Proctor and Kirk Williams