The search for a missing mushroom picker resumed near Terrace in Northern B.C. today, after his partner was found Monday more than two weeks after the pair first disappeared.

Ike Murray, 26, emerged from the wilderness alive, 15 days after he and Michael Devlin Sabo, 32, were reported missing.

RCMP say Murray was transported by ambulance to Mills Memorial Hospital in Terrace where he is in stable condition.

Terrace Search and Rescue leader David Jephson said his team would begin searching again for Sabo near Cedarvale, based on where Murray was found.

"We are conducting a hasty search this morning to try and send special crews into the backcountry to try and locate Mr. Sabo, and try to find closure for this situation," Jephson said Tuesday morning.

"We were told there was water near where they stayed. That he [Murray] was able to get water, that he was able to forage for food to help his friend."

"Ike has told us that he stayed with Devlin to be together, and that at some point in time he decided he needed to leave."

Jephson is uncomfortable discussing why Murray decided to leave his friend but said his team believes Sabo is dead.

"At this point in time we have 12 members on the ground that have flown in on helicopters, that are trying to search and retrace his last few days. We've located a backpack that belonged to them," he said.

"We believe we know the outcome, but until we confirm that, and are able to find him, that's what we are doing everything to try to do."