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Police in Saanich say there have been three credible sightings of a missing Australian man on Vancouver Island this month.

Owen Rooney, 24, went missing on Aug. 14, when he walked away from a hospital in the B.C. Interior town of Grand Forks, leaving his belongings behind. He had reportedly been in a fight before arriving at the hospital.

Saanich police said people in Parksville, Nanaimo and Saanich reported seeing Rooney earlier this month. In at least two of the sightings, Rooney was seen selling dream-catchers door-to-door with other men.


Owen Rooney left behind his backpack when he suddenly left a Grand Forks, B.C., hospital with head injuries, his family says. ((Facebook))

Sgt. Dean Jantzen said the Saanich sighting is credible because the person reported having direct contact with Rooney. Jantzen asks anyone who sees Rooney to call 911 immediately.

Rooney stands 5-9", and weighs 160 pounds. His family has spent their lifesavings looking for him across the province since arriving in August.