Minister resigns under cloud from B.C. cabinet

B.C. Minister of State for Multiculturalism, Harry Bloy, has resigned from the B.C. cabinet after admitting he inappropriately shared a private email with a B.C. company.
Bloy, also a former B.C. Minister of Social Development, admitted sharing the newspaper's email with a private company. (

Harry Bloy, B.C.’s Minister of State for Multiculturalism, has resigned from the provincial cabinet after he admitted leaking an email to a private company.

Bloy, the Liberal MLA for Burnaby-Lougheed, had leaked an email the government had received from the Vancouver Province newspaper to Eminata, a company that runs private colleges in B.C.

The newspaper had sent the email to the government while publishing a series of investigative stories on Eminata.

Bloy, who was the only MLA to support Christy Clark during the provincial Liberal leadership campaign, announced his resignation in a letter Thursday.

"I felt it important to accept responsibility for my action in regard to sharing an email with a third party," Bloy said.

Premier Clark told the legislature Thursday that Bloy's actions were inappropriate, but not illegal.