Low end booze is about to become more expensive thanks to new minimum pricing policies announced by the B.C. Liquor control and Licensing Branch.

The move to minimum pricing is being introduced "to help ensure that liquor with very low wholesale prices is not retailed as prices that may encourage abuse or over consumption." 

Starting May 1 retail liquor and wine stores across the province will not be allowed to sell liquor for less than the following:

Minimum price per litre (not including sales tax)

  • Wine - $6.44
  • Spirits - $27.88
  • Liqueurs - $20.39
  • Packaged Beers (bottles and cans) - $3.19
  • Draught Beer (kegs 18 litres of greater) $1.97
  • Ciders and Coolers - $3.75

Current laws only prohibit stores from from selling liquor below purchase price.