Michael Kaeshammer's 11th album title, No Filter, does not refer to the musician's Instagramming habits.

It references the freedom Kaeshammer said he's found by moving away from record labels and the expectations that come with working for commercial labels.

"I have more fun playing the piano more than I ever have," he said.

"I think the fact that I don't have anyone else telling me what I should do ... helps a lot."

Kaeshammer said the ability to stop caring about what others think has meant he can more freely write and sing about everything from politics to travel.

"I don't worry about saying something that I shouldn't say," he said.

No Filter features appearances by Randy Bachman, Denzal Sinclaire and Joel Parisien.

This week, Kaeshammer joined Margaret Gallagher, host of CBC Radio's Hot Air, as a special guest.

The pair talked about what it means to have the freedom to tell stories and write songs without constraint as well as what inspired Kaeshammer to become a talented hobby chef with serious culinary aspirations.