An Abbotsford man was arrested Saturday night for allegedly cooking up methamphetamine on his barbecue. (CBC)

Strange smells emanating from an Abbotsford, B.C., home Saturday night turned out to be fumes from a man allegedly cooking up methamphetamine on his barbecue, police said.

Neighbours called police after becoming aware of the pungent aroma and dealing with the man, who was shouting at them from his balcony. Once on the scene, police found a small scale meth lab and arrested the individual involved.

Const. Ian Macdonald said the situation was somewhat unusual.

"People normally want to try to keep their drug labs and clandestine operations, clandestine," he said. 

"This individual for whatever reason was yelling at his neighbours, and was being quite belligerent on his balcony, which drew their attention in addition to the smell of chemicals."