Vancouver's newest K-9 crime fighters have been named Griffin and Maverick, Vancouver police announced on Thursday morning.

The names for the two German shepherd puppies were chosen from over 800 entries submitted by elementary school classes from across Metro Vancouver.

"Members of the VPD Dog Squad had the difficult decision of determining what the most appropriate names for the two new German Shepherd puppies should be," said a statement released by police.

"The officers were provided a list of the names only, and had no information on the classes or schools who put the names forward."

  • Griffin, the sable puppy, was named by Ms. Upton’s Grade 4 class at Kerrisdale Elementary School.
  • Maverick, the black puppy, was named by Mr. Planta’s Grade 6 class at Vancouver College.

Vancouver police had previous dubbed the pair, "the city's cutest crime fighters."

Griffin and Maverick

Vancouver police dog puppies are named by elementary school children participating in a contest. (CBC)

This is the department's third “Name the Puppy” contest. Winning names previously selected by Vancouver school children include police dogs 'Nitro' in 1997 and 'Diesel' in 2006.

The winning classroom gets a tour of the VPD Dog Squad, a police dog demonstration and an "up-close" meeting with the puppies.

The VPD also released a list of some of the other popular entries:

Top 5 suggested names:

  • Shadow (33)
  • Hunter (30)
  • Bolt (28)
  • Chase (24)
  • Thunder (22)

Memorable combo/duo names:

  • Sherlock and Watson
  • Cuff and Link
  • Shackle and Hide
  • Thunder and Lightning

Memorable single names:

  • Meatballs
  • General Grievous (Star Wars character)
  • Donut

"And yes, the VPD had one entry of Fluffy," said police.