Matthew Hutchinson fundraiser raises more than $40K in a day

A fundraiser to support the family of B.C.-born Matthew Hutchinson, who was killed in New York state last weekend, exceeded its modest goal by tens of thousands of dollars in just one day.

Sister asked for $3K for parents to travel to New York State where hockey player died

A GoFundMe page to raise money to support the family of B.C. hockey player Matthew Hutchison has already surpassed its $3,000 goal. (GoFundMe)

A fundraiser to support the family of B.C.-born Matthew Hutchinson, who was killed in New York state last weekend, exceeded its modest goal by tens of thousands of dollars in just one day.

The university hockey player was killed in an apparent murder-suicide. Hutchinson died at the hands of a man distraught after the recent breakup of his relationship with Kelsey Annese, a woman who played basketball at the same university in New York state.

Katelynn Hutchinson, Matthew's sister, asked for $3,000 for her parents to travel to Geneseo College "without fear of debt."

"I know it's selfish of me to ask," she wrote on the GoFundMe page. "My parents are too modest to ask for help so I am. Even a dollar even a cent. Anything could help bring him home to us. I want them to see how he is supported by so many."

But within one day, the fundraiser had collected more than $40,000, far more than Hutchinson requested.

Donors also offered to room, boarding and access to cars for the Hutchinson family. 

"My family owns a bakery/coffee shop in Geneseo and are absolutely devastated by your loss," wrote Ruth Ann Lewis. "We would be happy to find someone to host them, a car for them to use or housing, if it would be easier than a hotel."

A similar fundraiser to support Annese's family had also reached its goal of $25,000 by Wednesday afternoon. 

Hutchinson remembered

Hutchinson, 24, was a member of the school's hockey team and a geography major and business studies minor. He was also a member of the Geneseo volunteer fire department.

The business school's dean, Denise Rotondo, wrote she and the school were "devastated" by Hutchinson's death. She described him as a gentleman and a critical thinker who wanted to make the world a better place. 

"Matt was one of those students we all knew and loved," she said.

"He would also sit and chat for hours about which NHL team was having the best season, which we enjoyed because there are a lot of serious hockey fans in my school."

His hockey team and volunteer firefighter crew also tweeted his photos of Hutchinson's locker stalls as they remembered him. 

While the Hutchinson family said they did not want to speak to the media, some of the family members took to the GoFundMe page to thank donors. 

"Matt was my beloved nephew whom I loved like a son," wrote Nanette Scudamore. "Just thanking everyone seems so woefully inadequate. The family and I have read again and again each person's contribution and treasure each one of you.

"If we could we would want to meet everyone of you to give you a big hug. Together we will bring Matthew home."


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