A large fire in South Burnaby has destroyed an industrial building, which is believed to have been an old foundry.

Firefighters South Burnaby Jan 4, 2014

Firefighters hose down a fire at an abandoned foundry in South Burnaby Saturday morning.

Burnaby firefighters were battling the blaze in the apparently-vacant building off Willard Street, just south of Marine Drive, for hours Saturday morning.

No injuries were reported as of Saturday afternoon.

Assistant Fire Chief Mark Fletcher said the fire was especially tough to fight because the flames were reaching power lines above the building.

Crews had to wait for BC Hydro to arrive and shut off power before moving in.

"It got to the point where even putting water on the fire was a little dangerous because of the power lines," Fletcher said.

According to neighbours in the area, there have been fires in other buildings on the property in the past.

Fletcher said it's too early to say what caused this fire, but he isn't ruling out the possibility of it having been caused by squatters.

"We have had problems with street people living in the buildings that have been burned out," he said.

"All the buildings down here have had fires in them, you can see the buildings on either side have had fires in them too," he told CBC News.

The Burnaby Fire Department says it would like to see the other abandoned buildings nearby taken down

With files from the CBC's Deborah Goble