Metro Vancouver staff are asking for more time to review plans for the proposed bridge to replace the Massey Tunnel. 

In December the province announced it would replace the ageing tunnel with a 10-lane toll bridge — a plan criticized by some of the area's mayors.

"There are many aspects to the bridge proposal," said Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie. "We're unaware of what's really happening, so we want more information.

The staff recommend the board ask the province for an additional two months to review the project, arguing more time is needed to look at the impacts of the proposed bridge on Metro Vancouver roads, parks and other services.

They also say the project needs more public consultation.

But Delta Mayor Lois Jackson says she doesn't see much purpose in the review.

"The province has been good to their word," she said.

"They have done all the analysis, all of the engineering reports, yet everyone seems to forget that all this work has been done for the replacement."

Metro Vancouver's board meeting will be held Wednesday afternoon.

With files from Kamil Karamali