Marc Emery is being tranferred from a U.S. federal prison to a private deportation facility in Louisiana this morning, according to a message posted by his wife, Jodie, on Twitter this morning.

"I'm a bit excited, that's for sure. I'm showered and shaved and ready to go. Its so dark and grey outside. I hope they drive me safely there!...Call you tonight (I hope!) Your man on Release Day!" he wrote in the email, which was posted online by his wife.

The B.C. pot advocate was sentenced to five years in jail in 2010 for conspiracy to manufacture marijuana after his Vancouver-based mail order business was busted in a joint operation involving U.S. and Canadian law enforcement agencies in 2005.

After his paperwork is completed and a flight booked to Detroit, it is estimated he will return to Canada sometime between Aug. 10 and 25.

He is expected to continue to promote the legalization of marijuana in Canada once he arrives in the country.