Marc Emery, B.C.s self-proclaimed "prince of pot," was greeted by an enthusiastic crowd of supporters as he arrived at Victory Square in Vancouver today after returning to Canada Tuesday following his release from a U.S. prison. 

At an outdoor celebration not far from his Cannabis Culture store, Emery told well-wishers that during his four year prison term, he never suffered anything worse than extreme discomfort.

Marc Emery-Jodie-kiss

Jodie Emery kisses Marc as she is introduced to the crowd at a rally in Victory Square Sunday to celebrate Marc Emery's homecoming. (CBC)

Standing under a giant cloud of marijuana smoke, Emery, fired up the crowd telling them 4/20 celebrations started in Vancouver.

"I'm not afraid to remind you that the whole concept of of 4-20, partying all day on April 20th, started right here in Victory Square," he said. "The first 4-20 in the world was held, and it was held right here."

Emery also bragged that his marijuana tolerance is finally back.

"I've smoked an awful lot," he said. "At first I thought I'd take a few puffs and that was a good way to reintroduce myself, but within 24 hours I was chronic once again and I redeveloped my tolerance levels and I was smoking 10-15 joints a day.

Marc Emery crows

An enthusiastic crowd turned out to welcome Marc Emery back to Vancouver. (CBC)

Emery says he's not interested in returning to the international marijuana seed selling business. He says he now focused on helping his wife, Jodie, get elected in the upcoming federal election.

Jodie Emery is hoping to secure the Liberal nomination in the riding of Vancouver East.

Out early for good behaviour

Emery was handed a five-year sentence in the U.S. for selling marijuana seeds to American clients from his Vancouver-based store.

After spending just over four years behind bars, he was released Aug. 12 and flown from a facility in Louisiana to Detroit, before crossing the border into Windsor.

Marc Emery interviewed by Stephen Quinn

Marijuana advocate Marc Emery interviewed by Stephen Quinn on The Early Edition. (Stephen Quinn/CBC)

In a personal blog, Emery mentioned he had been released early after earning 235 days of good conduct credit. 

He says he plans to campaign for the legalization of marijuana, through to the date of the next federal election. 

Emery has a university tour booked in Canada starting in Jan. 2015 and will begin a 30-city Canadian tour on Sept.10, 2015 continuing until Oct. 17, the day before the next scheduled federal election. 

He has vowed to seek political revenge against the Conservative government for its role in his extradition

With files from the CBC's Jesse Johnson