Vancouver police remain tight-lipped about the identity of a man who was found dead in an east-end apartment, but neighbours say he was an interesting character who cheated death once before in a motorcycle accident.


About a dozen Vancouver police officers combed an apartment in the 2200 block of E. 30th Ave Tuesday for evidence after a man's body was discovered inside one of the units on Monday. ((CBC))

Police were continuing their investigation into the man's death Tuesday, combing the apartment unit where he was found for evidence. The body was discovered shortly after noon on Monday in the 2200 block of E. 30th Ave.

Vancouver police have not publicly released the name of the deceased. But CBC News has learned the man was Rick Marques, a 44-year-old who survived a motorcycle accident as a teenager.

Marques had gone into a coma after the crash and had since had trouble walking, neighbours told CBC News. Neighbours said Marques was "well-liked" but appeared to have problems "controlling his anger."

"Even now he's passed away, you still remember him. [He was a] very unique character," said Silvia Henriques, a co-owner of Cinco Estrelas Restaurant, just around the corner from Marques's home in the 2200 block of E. 30th Ave.


Silvia Henriques, a co-owner of Cinco Estrelas Restaurant, says Rick Marques (the name of the man according to neighbours) often came to have coffee at her establishment. ((CBC))

Marques, who often came to the restaurant for coffee, broke the glass on one of the tables inside once after refusing to pay for his coffee refill, Henriques said.

From what he told people about his accident, "After the [motorcycle] accident he became frustrated with his life and he lost his temper many times. We as a family business [could not] take the behaviour," she said.

Joao Henriques, another co-owner of Cinco Estrelas, said: "People still liked him. We still talk about him. He was very popular here. A lot of people helped him, too."

Vancouver police spokesman Sgt. Steven Callender said about a dozen officers scoured the man's apartment building, looking for evidence on Tuesday.

"We're going to start with a search in the area looking for any small thing that might be related to the file that we're investigating," he said Tuesday afternoon. "Then we'll be doing a door-to-door canvas."

An autopsy is scheduled for Wednesday, he added.