The crashed trailer full of Canada Post mail will be arriving in Vancouver on Wednesday night, after it flipped into the Coquihalla River two days ago.

Despite reports that people on the scene saw up to a dozen pieces of mail fall from the crashed trailer, Canada Post says the 6,000 pounds of mail — about 2,722 kilograms — are safe and should all be delivered on Thursday.

A Coquitlam towing company took on the job of hauling the trailer out of the river after a specialist firm walked away from the job. 

Jamie Davis Motor Truck, which specializes in heavy equipment recovery, refused to carry out the removal because Canada Post refused to pay his fee, estimated at $20,000.

"Canada Post says to us, 'We're not paying that bill, it's our carrier, it's insurance,' and I tell him that, 'I'm not going to finance your carrier, I'm not financing your insurance company, I'm not your banker,'" he said.

Davis said the removal of the trailer was a complicated job and that the contractors hired by Canada Post to transport mail don't have the insurance to pay their bills.

Two companies refused to take on the job before Coquitlam Towing stepped in. The local company gave a much lower estimate for the removal of the trailer, at $5,000.