The man suspected of mailing body parts from Montreal to two Vancouver schools appears to have made a porn movie in B.C. almost a decade ago.

Jeff Vanzetti, the webmaster for the U.S.-based Internet Adult Film Database, says he started looking at Luka Magnotta's resumé when police began their manhunt.

Vanzetti said a film distributor called had an office in Vancouver in 2003, which was the same year Magnotta shot a movie with the company.

CBC News obtained a copy of the low-tech film Wednesday.

Vancouver journalist Jeremy Hainsworth, who wrote about the porn series for a gay publication in 2003, said those who performed alongside Magnotta are probably shaken by his recent gruesome notoriety.

"I think it probably sends a chill through the gay community," said Hainsworth. "I think the people who are in the videos [are] counting themselves lucky."

Montreal police confirmed Wednesday that Magnotta, who has not yet been charged or convicted of any crimes, did live on the West Coast for a period of time, but provided no details and could not be sure if it was in the U.S. or Canada.


Luka Rocco Magnotta appeared in the 2003 film made by Vancouver-based (

Bankruptcy files also show Magnotta owed $10,000 to Travellers Auto Leasing based in the Vancouver suburb of Burnaby.

Montreal police said the human remains found at the Vancouver schools were mailed from their city and the parcels contained notes, although no details of the notes have been released.

The two schools had staff on hand Wednesday to help parents and their children deal with the grisly discoveries.


With files from the CBC's Eric Rankin