Have you ever considered adopting a pig, but found the available swine aren't musical enough for your taste?

The B.C. SPCA might have just the hog for you. Two-year-old Lyle, the so-called "singing pig," has been living at the animal welfare group's Good Shepherd Barn in Surrey for the last year after he was seized as part of a cruelty investigation.

As he's become more comfortable with the humans around him, Lyle has started making loud, nearly melodic vocalizations — especially when he hears his favourite volunteer, according to the SPCA.

"When Lyle first came into our care, he was extremely fearful and didn't want to be touched at all," SPCA farm animal care supervisor Leiki Salumets said in a news release.

"We worked at building his trust and slowly, he transformed into the social and very vocal guy he is today — he loves his belly rubs and foot massages."

Lyle isn't quite "opera ready," Salumets added, but he is gentle and loving.

Anyone who is interested in adopting a new porcine friend — and who has the proper facilities — can arrange to meet Lyle by emailing rescues@spca.bc.ca.