The centrepiece of the Deer Lake Gallery's latest exhibit is located in a storage closet.

Entitled "A Night Walk in Falling Snow," the darkened room is draped with strings of LED lights and the walls are covered in mirrors, giving the light an effect that it goes onto infinity.

The Early Edition's Elaine Chau got a sneak peek at the exhibit in advance of its opening.

To hear her tour click on the audio labelled Luminescence exhibition lights up Deer Lake Gallery.

luminescence 2

Bill Thomson holds some of the work he'll be exhibiting. (Elaine Chau/CBC)

luminescence 3

"Chrome Palace" by Ken Gerberick. (Elaine Chau/CBC)

luminescence 4

Judson Beaumont's contribution is a set of luminescent logs. (Elaine Chau/CBC)

luminescence 5

"Trust" by Carla Sumarlidson. (Elaine Chau/CBC)

luminescence 6

"Butterfly Effect" by Grant Withers. (Elaine Chau/CBC)

luminescence 7

"Under the Sea I" by Teena Martin. (Elaine Chau/CBC)

With files from Elaine Chau.