Boston Bruins forward Milan Lucic says he's disappointed his family church in Burnaby, B.C., was vandalized by sore losers who also happen to be Canucks fans.   "It's disappointing and it sucks that people would go to such extremes to do something like that," he said from a practice in Winnipeg.

"Obviously it's some punk kids or teenagers or something like that who think they're cool doing something like that, but Karma is a funny thing and what goes around comes around."

Last weekend, someone spray painted obscene graffiti on the side of the church, including a misspelt "Go Canuks Go."

"It reflects badly against the people of Vancouver, which I've defended especially after what happened after the finals last year, so it's unnecessary and it's unfortunate," Lucic said.

"I know the whole community is not happy with something like this happening. Obviously, they're proud that a Serbian boy is out fulfilling his dreams and doing so well at such a high level in the NHL."

It could have cost the church as much as $5,000 to remove the graffiti, but a local company has donated its time free of charge to repaint the wall.