If you saw your lights flicker or go on and off Sunday evening, you weren't alone.

Around 7:30 p.m. PT, BC Hydro said a circuit tripped that impacted a 230 kilovolt transmission line that feeds the Lower Mainland.

"This caused a bump in the system," said Mora Scott who speaks for the utility. "Which may have caused some of our customers to experience their lights to flicker, or perhaps their protection equipment kicked in."

Others said street lights briefly went out, while skiers and snowboarders on Cypress Mountain said they were left in the dark for a short time and without power to chair lifts.

"[Officials on the mountain] were telling us flares might be needed to ski us out," said CBC reporter Greg Rasmussen who was skiing at the time of the flicker.

Scott says BC Hydro does not know what caused the incident but that the utility is investigating.

"It may have been something as simple as an animal contacting our line," she said "We don't expect customers to experience any further outages [Sunday] evening or to see any more blips in the system."