After there were three shootings in her city over the span of 12 hours earlier this week, Surrey's mayor says police will do more targeted enforcement on people believed to be linked to organized crime.

Linda Hepner says if police don't have enough evidence to arrest gang members for gun and drug charges, she wants officers to go after them for every minor infraction in the book.

"If you're jaywalking, we're going to call you on it," Hepner said.

"Whatever you're doing, if we know you are involved and we cannot, yet, yet, prove it, we are going to use whatever means we have at our disposal."

Hepner met with B.C. Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth Thursday to discuss new measures to cut down on gun violence.

She says they talked about coming up with new money for anti-gang initiatives for youth and restoring funding to the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit.

At the top of the list, however, is making life miserable for people police believe are involved in the drug trade.

"If we have to park a car in front of your house, so be it," Hepner said.