The third figure in this statue was stolen from Queen Elizabeth Park Thursday night. ((CBC))

Police are investigating the theft of a statue from a Vancouver park Thursday night.

The public art piece, called Photo Session, is a life-size bronze showing a photographer taking a picture of three people.

One of the three people, a female, was stolen from Queen Elizabeth Park, along with four bronze plaques, police said.

The total value of the art is more than $5,000, police said.

However, the chair of the Vancouver Park Board said the value of the art is about much more than just money.

"That's a really important piece of art in Queen Elizabeth Park. It's something people go up there to enjoy and they take pictures of it and it's really a cultural loss to the park itself," said Korina Houghton.

Staff members noticed the statue was missing when they arrived Friday morning, Houghton said.

Anyone could have taken the statue, according to Joyce Courtney, a spokesperson for the Vancouver Park Board.

"This is an open area of the park. It's not behind gates. It's accessible. You don't need special clearance or access or keys or special information to get into this area. It's a public area. It's a public park," Courtney said.

Since the theft, extra security patrols are in place throughout the area where the statue is located.