The B.C. Liberals have found a leaked document which they say is proof of the New Democrat Party's extreme leftist ideas, but the NDP insists it's just the result of a brainstorming session, and not a part of its current platform.  

The 12-page report from a B.C. NDP provincial council meeting in 2010 is officially called 'Imagine Our Future', but Mike de Jong dubs it the "NDP dream or the Dream Tree".

"Leading members of the NDP dream of nationalizing independent power production in British Columbia," said de Jong, the Liberal candidate for Abbotsford West. "They dream of eliminating all privately-owned beer and wine stores."

De Jong says the policies — which also include slashing funding for private education — are far too socialist for British Columbia.

"I'm not sure the term 'nationalize' has been used since Hugo Chavez," he added.

The NDP says the report was penned following a policy brainstorming session in January 2010 — when Carole James was still the party's leader — and insists it's not a reflection of the party position.

"I know the Liberal Party has never held a policy meeting," said NDP Leader Adrian Dix, when asked about the report at a campaign stop.

Dix noted none of the policy suggestions the Liberals are raising concerns about are included in the current NDP platform.

"Our platform is our agenda for government and that's clear," he added.

The two leaders making a final push on the last full day of campaigning before British Columbians head to the polls on Tuesday starting at 8 a.m. PT.

With files from the CBC's Luke Brocki