Langley RCMP seized the cars and driver licences of  two women after spotting them allegedly driving impaired with their daughters in the car.

The two separate incidents happened half an hour of each other during Friday's rush hour in what police call a disappointing coincidence.

Langley RCMP made the first stop around 5:40 p.m. Friday when an eastbound vehicle on 88th Avenue was spotted with the driver using her cell phone.

When RCMP officers looked inside the vehicle, the 32-year-old driver appeared to have been consuming alcohol.

An open bottle of wine was in the front passenger area and the driver's eight-year-old daughter was in the rear of the vehicle. 

That driver's vehicle was impounded after she failed a roadside screening test.

A half hour later, police heard about a collision again on 88th Avenue where a vehicle was stranded on the centre median just west of Walnut Grove Drive.

In that incident, a 37-year-old Langley woman appeared to have been consuming liquor. Her seven-year-old daughter was seated in the front passenger seat.

Langley RCMP Cpl Holly Marks said police were disappointed by the coincidence.

"I'm hesitant to compare how bad it is you endanger yourself and other people but you make it worse when you endanger your own children. The reality is you're endangering all of these people," she said.  

The ministry of children and family development have been notified in both cases.