Kitsilano bike lane debate heads to Vancouver city hall

Vancouver city council is gearing up to debate a proposal to build a protected bike lane along Point Grey Road in the city's Kitsilano neighbourhood.

150 speakers signed up to speak on Seaside Greenway plan

Close to 200 people are lining up to have their say in Vancouver 2:01

Vancouver city council is gearing up to debate a proposal to build a protected bike lane along Point Grey Road in the city’s Kitsilano neighbourhood.

The plan is part of the city’s larger $6-million Seaside Greenway vision, which would extend bike-friendly routes from the Burrard Street Bridge to Jericho Beach. Thousands of vehicles would be diverted away from Point Grey Road to 4th Avenue and Broadway.

The proposal has drawn ire from critics who argue the plan could cause traffic chaos in the area.

Jean Gordon, one of 150 people signed up to speak at Tuesday’s debate, says more than just a vocal minority is angry about the city's plans.

"I have been involved in community issues in this neighborhood for the past 20 years and I have never seen people galvanize as quickly and as passionately around an issue as they have around the closure of Point Grey Road," she said.

The city's Seaside Greenway proposal would create a bike route from the south end of the Burrard Bridge to Jericho Beach. (City of Vancouver)

"So it’s a really hot issue."

Coun. Heather Deal supports moving cars away from one of the city's most scenic drives in favor of bikes and local traffic, but admits it’s going to be a very long conversation at city hall.

"So I don’t know exactly when decisions will be made," she said. "It will be an ongoing council meeting series that will probably go right through the week."

The bike lane debate is scheduled to start at 2 p.m. PT.