King George semi truck accident kills 20-year-old woman

A 20-year-old woman who was hit by a semi truck near one of Surrey's most dangerous intersections has died from her injuries, police said Wednesday.

Police say pedestrians may not be aware of how big the turning radius is for some large trucks

A woman is the latest person hit along King George 2:14

A 20-year-old woman, who was hit by a semi truck near one of Surrey's most dangerous intersections, has died from her injuries, police said Wednesday.

The woman was crossing King George Boulevard heading east, on the north side of 104th Avenue, at around 8:30 p.m. PT, when she was struck by the truck in the left turn lane.

No charges have been laid against the driver, who remained at the scene, but police are seeking more witnesses and have said there is video footage to review that may shed light on what happened.

In the meantime, police are asking pedestrians to be careful when crossing the street, especially when big trucks are on the road.

Trucks need room: RCMP

Surrey RCMP Cpl. Dale Carr says people have been run over because they didn't realize how much room big trucks need to turn.

"Pedestrians need to pay attention to how close they're standing to the curb, especially when commercial vehicles are involved. They have to turn very wide," he said. "It can be deceiving to a pedestrian because their trailer will come up on the curb and the wheels can grab you or suck you right underneath."

Carr said another problem the busy stretch of road sees in the Whalley area, is jaywalking.

The northern stretch of King George has been the target of several RCMP traffic enforcement blitzes in recent years because there have been so many crashes involving pedestrians and cyclists.

"Our traffic unit has done enforcement in  this area, to address jaywalking and distracted driving," Carr said. "And the city has put in a crosswalk at a great deal of expense."

According to statistics from the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, over 50 pedestrians were hit on King George Boulevard between 96th and 108th avenues in the last five years.

Seven of those collisions happened in the same intersection where the 20-year-old woman was fatally injured last night.

Map: ICBC's reports of collisions involving pedestrians in Surrey, 2008-2012

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