A B.C. conservation officer says a problem black bear shot by a farmer after it attacked a llama and killed a goat in Surrey last week is likely dead.

Conservation officer Jack Trudgian says the amount of blood at the scene indicates the bear suffered a serious wound.

Jim Clark, the farmer who shot the bear, says he hit the bear in the shoulder with a .22 calibre rifle.

The small calibre rifle wouldn't normally inflict a serious injury to such a large bear, but Trudgian believes the bullet may have hit an artery.


Conservation officers believe the black bear causing problems in Surrey is likely dead. (Canadian Press)

There have been a number of bear sightings in the area, near Surrey's Tynehead Park, in recent days. But Trudgian says residents have all described seeing a smaller younger bear.

Conservation officers have set up a trap in the park, and Trudgian says they are monitoring the situation.

A smaller bear was trapped in the park on Tuesday and relocated.