A popular trail leading to hot springs near Pemberton, B.C., has been closed because of aggressive bears in the area. 

The province says numerous aggressive black bears and grizzly bears have been spotted on the Pebble Creek/Keyhole Falls trail at the 42-kilometre mark of the Upper Lillooet Forest Service Road. 

The Forests Ministry said there have been several encounters with bears in the area, including a confirmed report of a bear charge. It said the bears have been attracted by food and garbage near the hot springs. 

The trail has been closed so the bears do not permanently associate the area with food. 

The province said warning signs it posted at the trailhead several weeks ago were repeatedly removed, which it said is an offence subject to a $58 fine. 

Last week, the High Falls recreation site near Squamish was closed because of a grizzly bear. 

Anyone who ignores the closure in either area could be issued a $115 fine. 

keyhole hotspring

The Keyhole hot spring is located about 100 kilometres north of Whistler, B.C. (Hello B.C.)