Kelowna's mayor has been re-elected with 76 per cent of the vote, while Penticton's mayor has lost by more than 3,000 votes.

Sharon Shepherd was elected mayor of Kelowna in 2005, after serving on city council since 1996.

City councillors are Robert Douglas Hobson, Brian Given, Andre Blanleil, Angela Reid, Michele Rule, James Graeme, Luke Stack and Charlie Hodge.

School trustees are Wayne Horning, Rolli Cacchioni, Gail Given and Gail Scanlan.

In a major upset in Penticton, city councillor Dan Ashton defeated incumbent mayor Jake Kimberly by more than 3,300 votes.

Kimberly actually finished third behind Gary Leaman, who garnered 1,793 votes.

Only two incumbents are returning to council. Gary Litke and John Vassilaki will be joined by newcomers Dan Albas, Andrew Jakubeit, Judy Sentes and Mike Pearce, who served as mayor of Penticton from 1999 until 2002.

School trustees are Shelley Clarke, Larry Little, David Perry and Tom Siddon.