A penned-in-B.C. tribute to the Seattle Seahawks' playing in the Super Bowl, sung to the tune of Katy Perry's hit song 'Roar,' has gone viral over the past week.

Clayton Imoo's YouTube video of the song 'Soar,' featuring the tagline "Seahawks are gonna soar," has been viewed over 100,000 times in the past week.

Seahawks are going to SOAR - parody song - Vancouver

Clayton Imoo and his friends Marie Hui and Arielle Tuliao created a song to the tune of Katy Perry's song 'Roar' in honour of the Seattle Seahawks making it to the Super Bowl. The YouTube video has been watching over 100,000 times in the past week. (Clayton Imoo/YouTube)

"We didn't think it would be this big and we're certainly not complaining," Imoo told CBC News from Richmond, B.C. on Sunday.

Imoo said he and his friends have performed musical tributes in honour of the Vancouver Canucks in the past — about four times a year — but last week he turned his attention to neighbour city Seattle's NFL team.

"Sunday morning, I put paper to pen, or more accurately my hands to keyboard and I wrote it actually in 15 minutes," Imoo told CBC News from Richmond, B.C. 

"The actual lyrics of the original song lend quite nicely to something like this — an anthem-type sort of thing," he said.

Like Imoo, thousands of football fans from the Metro Vancouver have been joining the "12th man" brigade and adopted the Seattle Seahawks team as their own today as the team faces off against the Denver Broncos in New Jersey.

Every NFL team has 11 members, but Seahawks fans are so devoted they have earned the nickname the 12th Man.

Watch: 'Soar' on YouTube