Kamloops RCMP seek suspicious man who approached 6-year-old girl

The man approached the young girl near a school and let her pet his dog. He ran away when her mother approached.

The man let the young girl pet his dog and ran away once her mother appeared

Kamloops RCMP are seeking the public's help to provide more information on a suspicious man that was seen near Marion Schilling School in Kamloops, B.C. (CBC)

Kamloops RCMP are seeking the public's help after a suspicious man was seen approaching a child near a school.

Police say at around 1:00 p.m. PT on Wednesday, a man was seen speaking to a 6-year-old girl near Marion Schilling School.

The man had a dog with him and let the young girl pet the animal. He suggested he would help her find her parents.

When the girl's mother approached him, the man ran from the school towards Valleyview Drive.

Police described the man as: Caucasian, in his mid-twenties, with a slim build, five feet nine inches, had a buzz cut and acne on his face.

At the time, he was seen wearing a dark-coloured, zip-up hoodie and jeans.

The dog is believed to be similar to a German shepherd, about 6 months-old and on a leash.

If the public has any information about this man, they are asked to contact Kamloops RCMP.